Afri- Twin Project

This project is a collaborative programme which involved working through education with schools from around the globe. It offers opportunities for Simon’s Town School and our UK twin, Mossland School, to promote interactive learning, global citizenship and life skills through exchanging cultural ideas with the aim of breaking down stereotypes. We also focus on the biodiversity of two countries. Our schools are planning a joint project entitled “Lets make a difference” which will focus on our impact on the environment (maritime and coastal).

“Connecting Classrooms” is a global education programme for schools, funded by the British Council. It helps schools to form international partnerships and to collaborate on curriculum projects. Simon’s Town School and Mosslands School in Liverpool, UK were linked through the Afri-Twin organisation in 2011. A trilateral partnership was established when Angra Pequena School in Namibia joined our two schools in 2013. Reciprocal visits happen between Principals and teachers and through these visits, a common goal to compare biodiversity and cultural diversity through cross-curricular projects were established. Our aim is to enrich the curriculum, improve skills and motivate leaners to appreciate and respect diversity amongst themselves and globally. We also aim to share good practice, particularly in terms of tracking pupil progress.” – Lucrecia Harrison

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