In an atmosphere of mutual respect, we are committed to creating opportunities for every learner to develop to the full, mentally, physically and spiritually.

We strive to foster initiative, individuality and integrity and cultivate a creative approach to life’s challenges so that our learners will make a meaningful contribution as adult members of the community.

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Partners for Possibility


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Reaching out to help others – our Interact Club

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Rebecca Anne Abel (President of Interact Club of Interact Patriots): “The Simon’s Town Teen patriots were established by a group of ten Grade 10 learners who felt compelled to help out our school and community in 2014.

At the beginning of 2014, one of the pupils from Simon’s Town School was hospitalised at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital; due a fatal brain tumour, which eventually took the young man’s life.

This was the point we decided to tirelessly dedicate ourselves into beautifying the Trauma Ward of their hospital and interacting with some of the ill paediatric patients, in order to brighten the smiles on their faces.

Donations of clothes, material and many more items were received and curtains were made to brighten the hospital ward.

Once the project at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s hospital was completed, we decided to look at ways in which we could help out within the school. Therefore, we collected non-perishable food item for the less fortunate families at our school, and raised funds by selling popcorn in order to purchase bus tickets for kids whose parents were not able to afford it.

At this point we were approached by the Rotary Club of Good Hope and were asked if we would like to start an interact club in our school. Since the Simon’s Town Teen Patriots already fitted the criteria of what an interact club should entail; we gladly decided to accept and change our name from “Simon’s Town Teen Patriots” to “Interact Patriots”.

We then embarked on another project aimed at purchasing diapers for the Woodside Sanctuary, home for disabled children. So far we’ve collected money from various companies in aid of this initiative. The Interact Patriots has also helped fellow Interact Clubs to collect second library Books for the Community Chest Carnival.

This is certainly not the last project for we as the Interact Patriots will do our very best to sustain ourselves.
Our accolades thus far are MOT International and Rotary.

We contribute all our Hard Work and Dedication to the Lord and also to our School, Simon’s Town School who worked together as a family with both teachers and students contributing tirelessly to our ever demanding ‘get it done’ attitude.”