Together, Simon’s Town School educators and support staff strive for excellence and high standards. Our current educator complement comprises both long-serving and new staff.

Meet the team:

Zoleka Mtunyedwa

Zoleka Mtunyedwa

xavier du plessis_4728 (2)

Xavier du Plessis

viv esterhuize

Viv Esterhuize

trevor mathieson2)

Trevor Mathieson

teri pieterson

Teri Pieterson

tanya chetty4718 (2)

Tanya Chetty

michele 4789 (2)


shamiem weber4895 (3)

Shamiem Weber

roland mostert (2)

Roland Mostert

michael peters_4814 (2)

Michael Peters



mara bodenham4743 (2)

Mara Bodenham

louwjean_4809 (2)

Jean Louw

linda ferreira_4790 (2)

Linda Ferreira

lecreica harrison_4811 (2)

Lecreica Harrison

Jean Human

Jean Human

jacqueline kirby

Jacqueline Kirby

hein Weber

Hein Weber

debbie donson_4756 (2)

Debbie Donson

colin davids_4799 (2)

Colin Davids

claudine abel

Claudine Abel

charmaine kirby_4746 (2)

Charmaine Kirby

brenda alexander_4733 (2)

Brenda Alexander

bradley barnes_4763 (2)

Bradley Barnes

Blossom Sondlo tbc)

Dulcey Jeftha

blake parks_4784 (2)

Blake Parks

beaulah alfreds_4739 (2)

Beaulah Alfreds

lecinda stuurman

Lecinda Stuurman

joan orgill_4787 (2)

Joan Orgill

jenny oxford 4770 (2)

Jenny Oxford

tba_4794 (2)

tba_4760 (2)

tba_4741 (2)

tba 3 (2)
tba 2 (2)

alan donson_4750 (2)

Alan Donson